Melbourne Landscaping

Great landscaping should reflect your imagination and vision; it should be as unique as your hands. We strive to create Jan Juc Landscape designs that are not only grounded in functionality, but also bursting with creativity. And to top it off, we work diligently to adhere to your budget specifications. Did you know that professional landscaping can increase the value of your home by as much as 15% (source: The Price of Aesthetic Externalities)

In order to achieve the best result for your landscape design, we will ask many questions, probing into areas that you might not have considered. Our in-depth consultation helps us to produce designs that are rich in detail and founded upon your own desires and requirements. Functional,practical, loc mat,soft hard.

The Process

  1. Design Consultation: A consultation will be conducted at your property. The designer will discuss your garden preferences and budget so as to go away with adequate information to develop your ideal garden.
  2. Design & Draft: Your designer will develop a landscape plan along with plant and material recommendations, based on your lifestyle and garden requirements and your landscaping budget.
  3. Construction: Once your design is complete, the Landscaping team will offer a quotation for the construction of your garden and construction will commence once you have approved all associated costs.
  4. Follow Up: After completion of job discussions around on going maintenance can be organized and followed through at an agreed time span and price.

Our services include the following:

• Garden Design
 • Deckings & Pergolas
 • Plant Selection & Planting of Plants
 • Irrigation Systems
 • Synthetic Turf
 • Instant Turf
 • Mulching and constructing Garden Beds 
• Retaining Walls 
• Paving
 • Garden & Water Features 
• Concrete 
• Lighting & Garden Lighting 
• Dingo Digger for small excavations and minimum access areas


gardenease's picture

Luke is a tremendous gardener and people person. He is always friendly, reliable and diligent- as are his assistant gardeners. My garden and lawns look amazing!
Sally D’Orsogna
Occupational Therapist