Garden Maintenance

At Garden Ease we care for your garden as though it were our own. We approach garden maintenance with best-practice horticultural techniques. We do this to promote healthy, sustainable and vigorous gardens. Garden Ease uses qualified and experienced staff to supply all aspects of property maintenance services including:

General Garden Clean Up – We can do any size garden clean up for you ranging from a couple of hours to as many days as required
Mowing Trimming and Hedging – Professional mowing and trimming and  hedging
Mulching and Irrigation – On going supply and installing of mulch and monitoring any irrigation repairs or changes on controllers
Pruning and Weeding – All aspects of pruning and weeding
Pest and Disease Control – Ongoing pest and disease control
Soil Conditioning  – Testing of soils
Planting Advice and Sourcing – All planting advice and sourcing
We deliver high quality year - round routine upkeep designed to meet your specific needs. We also provide specialised services for less frequently scheduled plant care.

We’ll come to you and discuss how your garden can be maintained and improved, whether you require regular or occasional care of your whole garden, our team would love to hear from you.
Luke will submit a Garden Maintenance Proposal that is tailored to suit your needs.
Please call today to reap the benefits of our carefully planned approach to the maintenance of your garden.


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Luke is a tremendous gardener and people person. He is always friendly, reliable and diligent- as are his assistant gardeners. My garden and lawns look amazing!
Sally D’Orsogna
Occupational Therapist